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Webinar: White House/Obama Administration Policies Supporting Comprehensive Strategies for Youth

Thaddeus Ferber
July 17, 2013
Washington, DC
In order for community partnerships to have a positive collective impact on young people’s lives, federal policies need to support comprehensive, place-based interagency efforts. The Forum for Youth Investment, in partnership with the National Collaboration for Youth, American Institutes for Research, the Campaign for Youth, the Children's Leadership Council and the Aspen Forum for Community Solutions, hosted a webinar to learn about the White House and the Obama Administration’s plans to support such comprehensive efforts for youth in general, and for disconnected youth in particular.

Martha Moorehouse, a recipient of the Ready by 21 Policymaker of the Year Award and chair of the Interagency Working Group on Youth Programs, and Sarah Oberlander, who leads the Working Group’s production of the website, presented “Pathways for Youth,” the working group’s draft strategic plan for federal collaboration, and invited feedback.
Kathy Stack (White House Office of Management and Budget) and Johan Uvin (Department of Education presented the latest work from the Interagency Forum on Disconnected Youth, which they co-chair. Last year, on a webinar hosted by the Forum for Youth Investment, Stack asked participants to help shape the federal government’s work through a Request for Information (RFI) about disconnected youth. Hundreds of organizations and individuals responded. In today's webinar, Stack and Uvin discussed what was learned through the RFI and their next steps to advance this work, and invited feedback.

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