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2017 Ready by 21 National Meeting - Information for Presenters

2017 Ready by 21 National Meeting - Information for Presenters


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At the core of the Ready by 21 National Meeting are the workshops that educate and inspire the hundreds of leaders in attendance to do the ground work in ensuring that all young people are ready to succeed.

Our workshops are designed to provide varying levels of content and presentation formats in order to better equip communities of all shapes and those in various stages of change.

Session Themes

The National Meeting is built around the Forum's big themes. 

  1. Ensure Readiness for college, work and life, by building competencies, abilities and mindsets.
  2. Promote Equity for all young people, and especially closing gaps for populations often facing great challenges (e.g. boys & young men of color, opportunity youth, youth in foster care, pregnant & parenting youth, etc.).
  3. Increase Shared Commitment to common goals, strategies and measures within and across systems & sectors.
  4. Improve Program Quality and effectiveness in ways that spark management & staff engagement and support better outcomes for young people.