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Ready by 21 National Partnership

Ready by 21 National Partnership

The Ready by 21 National Partnership is an unprecedented coalition of prominent national organizations whose members touch the lives of more than 100 million children and youth across the country.

Created in 2008, the Partnership offers leaders tools and supports to change the way they do business together, so that more young people are ready for college, work and life.

The Forum for Youth Investment is the founder and managing partner of Ready by 21. It takes primary responsibility for the development and coordination of the Ready by 21 National Partnership.

The AASA and United Way Worldwide (UWW) serve as signature partners in Ready by 21. Their members – school leaders and local United Way executives – are often at the heart of the collective impact partnerships that seek support and technical assistance from Ready by 21. AASA and UWW provide tools, resources and coaching to help their members form and sustain broad school-community partnerships to improve outcomes for children and youth.

Along with AASA and UWW, additional mobilization partners represent the education, government, nonprofit, business and community philanthropy sectors. They have pledged not only to work with the Forum for Youth Investment but to work with each other.

Our technical partners have longstanding experience and offer on-the-ground tools and incentives to help leaders improve the lives of children and youth in their communities. They are among the most recognized and respected child- and youth-focused technical assistance organizations in the nation.

Together, these partners have committed to recruit other national organizations into the partnership’s work, engaging all of the key stakeholder groups that need to be involved at the state and the local level. They have also made the commitment to bring their expertise, perspectives and clout into the places where Ready by 21 currently has traction.