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Bigger Goals


Ready by 21 Indicator Dashboard

Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Short Description: 
Developed by Child Trends and the Forum for Youth Investment, the Ready by 21 Indicator Dashboard recommends top indicators reflecting a broad set of goals for children and youth. This is a snapshot of measures that are often found in communities, and it can serve as a quick reference for child and youth well-being across age ranges and developmental outcomes.

Establish a balanced set of goals and indicators for all children, youth and young adults

Taking the comprehensive approach is difficult but crucial: Improving child and youth outcomes requires attending to young people’s overall development. That means:

  • Setting goals across age groups.
  • Setting goals across various types of outcomes.
  • Ensuring that the goals and indicators are designed to prevent problems and promote assets.
  • Tracking progress, especially among those most at risk of not meeting the goals.

Here are some resources that address common questions:

Bigger Goals Toolkit

When leaders band together to improve supports for young people, they hold enormous collective power – to do what? What, exactly, do they want to achieve? Now is the time to establish a common, action-oriented vision: A vision that conveys compelling goals and indicators for all children and youth; a vision that gets everyone going in the same direction.

Ready by 21 Leadership Capacity Audit Sample Recommendations

Leadership capacity audits serve the same purpose as financial audits. They provide leaders with a structured opportunity to receive feedback on core functions that are critical to their mission so that they can increase their overall horsepower to make sustained change. The attached list of key findings and recommendations from a generic city will give you an idea of the helpful guidance this process can have.


Friday, August 5, 2011
Short Description: 
Broader partnerships, bigger goals, better data, bolder actions to improve program quality, consistency and reach – these are the goals of leadership. To support this work, the Forum for Youth Investment has developed the leadership capacity audit: a set of structured surveys, interviews and processes designed to assess a community's overall leadership capacities. This process involves a series of stakeholder interviews and analysis of key indicators and data sources, and results in a set of findings and recommendations like this document.

Parallel Frameworks Overview

Includes frameworks from the Forum for Youth Investment, Search Institute and the National Research Council.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008
Short Description: 
This two page document shows how three common frameworks in the youth development field compare, which helps various stakeholders see the commonalities among different sets of language and approaches.

Massachusetts Success for Life Toolkit



Local Action Planning Team Worksheet

To view the entire guide, click the download now button above

Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Short Description: 
Lifelong success in the 21st century demands unprecedented cooperation and collaboration between and amongst all of those who care for and about children, youth and families. Success for Life offers a foundation for a shared mission to move Massachusetts forward. Using the Ready by 21 approach and facilitated by the Forum for Youth Investment, a cross-sector, cross-discipline, cross-agency team held a series of ground-breaking conversations to define and advance a shared set of goals and strategies capable of lifting all children, youth and families toward self-sufficiency and success for life. This guide features the tools and resources utilized for those conversations.

Columbus, IN Council for Youth Development Brochure


Columbus, IN
Friday, August 5, 2011
Short Description: 
The Columbus, Ind., Council for Youth Development brought together the local school system, youth-serving agencies, government, United Way and several other stakeholder groups, with support from Ready by 21. The goal: Help prepare Columbus' children to be healthy, successful members of society. The council's brochure shows how a local leadership group can communicate its work and core messages to the public.