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Broader Partnerships


Introduction to the Ready by 21 Strategies

Specifically, Ready by 21 helps leaders build broader partnerships, set bigger goals, collect and use better data, and take bolder actions. This webinar will guide participants through the essential components of Ready by 21 – the rationale behind Ready by 21, tools and services available to communities and leaders, and the Ready by 21 National Partnership, an unprecedented coalition of organizations representing the government, education, non-profit, business, research and philanthropy sectors.

Engaging Key Stakeholders: Chattanooga Connections

These leaders need to be committed and collaborative in ways that contribute to the overarching mission of the group. This webinar discussed local partnership efforts in Chattanooga, Tenn. and the tools from three Ready by 21 Partners—Corporate Voices for Working Families, United Way Worldwide and the America Association of School Administrators.

Featured Speakers: Linda McReynolds, United Way of Greater Chattanooga and Lesley Scearce, Executive Director of On Point, Chattanooga, Tenn.