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Video Story - New Orleans

Fiscal Map Shows Funding Sources to Help Youth

September 24, 2015
New Orleans creates fiscal map to identify funding sources for opportunity youth.



No matter what challenges you’re helping young people overcome in your community, one critical question almost always rears its head: Where’s the money? New Orleans leaders faced that question when they set out to improve supports for the city’s opportunity youth – and they found answers through a fiscal map.

City leaders worked with the Forum for Youth Investment to identify federal, state and local funds that can be used to support opportunity youth (those disconnected from school and work), see where that money is going, and develop ways to more effectively tap into and use those funds.  “This report shows how we can link opportunity youth with academic and employment opportunities that will make the entire city prosper,” said Jen Roberts, vice president of education grants at Baptist Community Ministries.

View the short video story (2:25) above to see how they did it , and see the fiscal map report.


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