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Baton Rouge Holds Urban Congress Summit

Baton Rouge leaders recently convened an Urban Congress focused on improving outcomes for boys and men of color.
Information Update
July 1, 2016

The congress was developed by MetroMorphosis, an urban renewal nonprofit led by Reverend Raymond Jetson, with technical support and guidance from the Forum's Larry Pasti. More than 250 people attended the all-day event, including elected officials, community leaders, members of the clergy, business leaders and college students. Leaders discussed ways to address problems facing young men of color, such as dropping out, incarceration and difficult employment prospects. The group is committed to working together for at least seven years to make an impact on these issues. 

After the convening, working groups and a Steering Committee have been formed and are refining their goals, mission and vision. The group has started collecting additional data on the assets and programs that are currently in Baton Rouge to serve this population. To learn more about the Urban Congress and the ongoing work please visit their website

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