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Big Brothers Big Sisters of America Leaders Convene in DC

How do organizations align their internal and external missions?
Information Update
June 22, 2012

Kris Minor, the Forum's Vice President of Partnerships and Communications, spoke on this topic at the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America National Leadership Summit in Washington, DC. As part of the Summit's tagline, "Engage. Impact. Sustain.", the Summit was designed to not only spotlight and strengthen the mentoring agencies' programs and internal operations, but also explore how BBBS affiliates could increasingly play roles in broader community-wide collective impact efforts.  More than 250 local BBBS CEOs participated in a 2-hour session titled "Calibrating Internal and External Excellence" co-facilitated by Kris Minor and Peter York of the TCC Group.  This lively discussion affirmed that many BBBS executives, with support from their Boards, are turning outward and seeking models and guidance on how to most effectively support the creation of youth development partnerships (or provider networks) and larger multi-sector collaborations in their communities. View the presentation here.

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