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Call for Strategies to Improve Outcomes for Disconnected Youth

The clock is ticking on the latest opportunity to inform the federal government about ways to better serve disconnected youth.
Information Update
June 22, 2012

As part of the Obama administration's initiative to increase administrative flexibility, the U.S. Department of Education released its "Request for Information on Strategies for Improving Outcomes for Disconnected Youth." The agency is looking for effective practices and strategies to improve outcomes for disconnected youth, and for specific legislative and regulatory barriers that inhibit states and localities as they seek to meet the needs of this population. The public has been given 30 days to respond, with all submissions due by July 5.

The Forum will submit a response on behalf of the Children's Cabinet Network. In particular, the Forum has worked closely with four states - Colorado, Florida, Iowa, and Nevada - and their respective localities to identify policy barriers and to develop performance pilots. For more information regarding the Forum's comments or more detailed guidance on how to submit your own comments, contact Jennifer Ouellette, senior policy associate, at

In conjunction, the Forum for Youth Investment is hosting a webinar on June 27 about the White House challenge and how you can be a voice for innovation and improvement. Register here.