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Children's Cabinet in Sync with Governor

When a state children's cabinet works in sync with the governor, the results can be powerful. In Minnesota, the children's cabinet recently put addressing the unmet mental health needs of children at the top of its to-do list, with the commissioners of each of its member agencies - Education, Human Services, and Health - dedicating resources to the cause. Then last week, the governor backed up that effort with funding.
Information Update
January 31, 2013

Gov. Mark Dayton proposed a biennial budget for 2014 and 2015 that would give schools money to expand access to mental health services for children with complex, high-cost conditions. The new resources would support independent mental health professionals in existing programs and provide grants for community health providers to create collaborative programs. The proposal includes numerical goals. See more in this short story. Find out more about children's cabinets here.

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