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Collective Impact Guru Inspires Ready by 21 Leaders

A consultant who helped make “collective impact” a household phrase in the youth field delivered a message of inspiration along with on-the-ground lessons at the Ready by 21® National Meeting last month – and now you can hear that message online.
Information Update
May 2, 2012

In his keynote speech, John Kania of FSG talked about:

  • why collective impact is essential for improving youth services and supports
  • the keys to successful collective impact efforts
  • how Ready by 21 is a leading model of collective impact work
  • the essential role of backbone organizations
  • the importance of including all stakeholders.

“There is no other way that we are going to achieve large-scale change … unless we all wrap our minds around how we do this collectively,” he told an audience of 200 leaders who have dedicated themselves to improving conditions for young people in programs, communities and states around the country.

Kania concluded by urging everyone to harness their “burning patience” to create change for children and youth.

You can hear those points and others in this six-minute highlight of Kania’s speech, see his slide presentation, read the widely touted collective impact article by Kania and Mark Kramer and see how that article aligns with the Ready by 21 approach.

“John Kania was terrific!” said one participant. “We could use a whole day with him.”

It was one of many inspirational moments at the April 17-19 meeting in Nashville, Tenn., which brought together leaders focused on building collective impact partnerships, implementing quality improvement systems and strengthening government policies. Other presentations from the meeting are here. A condensed version of the keynote speech by Karen Pittman, co-founder and CEO of the Forum for Youth Investment, is here.

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