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Federal Reports Focus on Crucial Youth Issues

A pair of new federal reports tackles two crucial issues for young people - coordinating federal youth policies and reaching disconnected youth. And the people behind those reports will soon be available to discuss the findings with practitioners and policymakers around the country.
Information Update
June 10, 2013

Federal Collaboration
The first report comes from the Interagency Working Group on Youth Programs, which the Forum has been working with on ways to increase collaboration among federal departments and agencies in order to improve outcomes for children and youth. The group is composed of representatives from 12 federal departments and six federal agencies.

The report - Pathways for Youth: Draft Strategic Plan for Federal Collaboration - identifies objectives to achieve under three main goals: Promote coordinated strategies to improve youth outcomes; promote the use of evidence-based and innovative strategies at the federal, state, local and tribal levels; and promote youth engagement and partnerships to strengthen programs and benefit youth.

Disconnected Youth
The second report was issued by the Interagency Forum on Disconnected Youth, which works to improve educational, employment and other key outcomes for disconnected youth through interagency and intergovernmental collaboration. The Forum has been advising this group as well, as part of its mission to advocate for public policies that support collaboration.

Last year the Interagency Forum asked organizations about the best ways to serve disconnected youth. The 171 responses to that Request for Information (which was issued through the Department of Education) are summarized by theme in this draft report. The themes include data issues, evaluation, interim indicators and outcome measures, partnerships, alternative pilot designs, and targeted subpopulations.

Upcoming Webinar
When the Forum for Youth Investment hosted a webinar regarding the Request for Information about disconnected youth, it became the most popular Forum webinar ever, with more than 800 participants. So the Forum is doing it again: It will host a webinar about both of these reports, giving people in the field the opportunity to interact directly with the federal officials who lead the two groups that issued these reports. The webinar will be this summer; stay tuned for more information coming soon.