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Learn About Federal Proposal to Help Disconnected Youth

What does a new federal proposal to align policies for disconnected youth mean for practitioners and policymakers? Some 800 leaders from around the country joined a Forum webinar to find out.
Information Update
July 13, 2012

Kathy Stack of the White House Office of Management and Budget shared information about Performance Partnership Pilots for Disconnected Youth - a provision in the president's  2013 budget proposal to allow selected states and communities to use money from different federal funding streams to pilot innovative approaches. Much of the webinar was dedicated to Q and A. Go here for the recording, the slides, and more information about the proposal and how you can respond to it.


** 2/6/2014 Update: Congress included Performance Partnership Pilots in the fiscal 2014 omnibus spending bill. Get more information and see the official language authorizing Performance Partnership Pilots.

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