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Lessons in Scaling Up Innovation

Leaders who work to scale up innovations in education typically spend lots of time on curricula and training modules - but those are the not the most important elements for successful replication, according to the people running one of the nation's more esteemed public charter school networks.
Information Update
March 28, 2013

"One of the key lessons [we] have learned about scaling is that ideas and best practices are more important than specific curriculum and training modules," says one leader in IDEA Public Schools, a network that serves 13,000 students in 28 Texas schools.
That and other insights from IDEA are discussed in the Forum's new guest blog with Robert Slavin at the Huffington Post. Slavin is capturing and communicating lessons from a learning community of 20 teams from around the nation that are working on federal Investing in Innovation (i3) projects. The Forum supports those teams in partnership with the William T. Grant and Spencer Foundations. The first blog in the series featured lessons from the Children's Literacy Initiative.

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