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New Federal Rules on Afterschool Funds: What's the Impact?

Providers wondering about the potential impact of a new federal rule about funding for afterschool programs got some insight from a webinar hosted by the Forum this month.
Information Update
December 22, 2011
At issue are waiver guidelines recently issued by the U.S. Department of Education that would give states more flexibility in meeting performance standards under the No Child Left Behind Act. One of those waivers, known as Waiver 11, gives states the option to use funds from the 21st Century Community Learning Centers to support expanded learning opportunities during the school day.

A lack of clarity on how the waiver will be implemented has left leaders wondering whether quality afterschool programming will be sacrificed in the name of a slightly longer school day. Among the quetions: How should states implement Waiver 11 to effectively improve expanded learning opportunities as well as student academic success?

Hear what the education and youth development communities have to say about Waiver 11's implications for school districts and community-based organizations here.

 Watch the webinar here.