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Opportunity Youth: Our "Market-Making Moment"

When former White House domestic policy adviser Melody Barnes stood before 300 community leaders last month to talk about the Opportunity Youth movement, she began with a story about suitcases on wheels.
Information Update
April 11, 2013

Why? Because roller bags, she said, offer a lesson in how to recognize and capitalize on a "market-making moment" - which is where we now stand in the mission to change the odds for youth who are disconnected from school and work.
Watch Barnes - now chair of the Aspen Forum for Community Solutions - talk at the Ready by 21 National Meeting about why this is a key moment for opportunity youth initiatives (4:15 min.), why and how the Obama administration focused on opportunity youth (2:45 min.), and how the Aspen Forum will help opportunity youth efforts (2:15 min.). See news about Aspen's efforts under New & Newsworthy, below.

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