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Opportunity Youth Playbook: a Guide to Reconnecting Boys and Young Men of Color to Education and Employment

This playbook highlights promising practices, strategies and resources to help communities support 16- to 24-year old boys and young men of color who are neither in school nor employed.
Information Update
April 20, 2017

Such young people - commonly referred to as "opportunity youth" or "disconnected youth" - have distinct talents and needs, and require dedicated strategies above and beyond those targeted at boys and young men of color more generally.

The Opportunity Youth Network developed the Opportunity Youth Playbook to help communities take action to reconnect disconnected boys and young men of color. The toolkit begins with a set of cross-cutting strategies and then is organized by the six critical milestones enshrined by the White House's My Brother's Keeper Community Challenge: entering school ready to learn; reading at grade level by third grade; graduating from high school ready for college and career; completing postsecondary education or training; successfully entering the workforce; and reducing violence and providing a second chance. Each section includes an overview, strategies for taking action, and links to key organizations and resources.

Access the full playbook here. At this page you can also select one of the My Brother's Keeper milestones to see that section of the toolkit. The Playbook Companion provides lists of key organizations and resources online related to each section of the playbook.

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