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Partnering for Youth with Disabilities

Where do young people with disabilities fit in your efforts to help all youth in your community or state? The value of working across sectors behalf of those young people was on display last week at the annual IDEA Partnership Meeting, where Ready by 21 was explained to a receptive audience.
Information Update
January 25, 2012

The IDEA Partnership reflects the collaborative work of more than 50 national organizations, technical assistance providers, and state and local agencies that want to “transform the way we work and improve outcomes for students and youth with disabilities.” Its focus areas include “Cradle to College and Career” – making the partnership and its members natural allies for those carrying out Ready by 21 strategies.

The partnership uses the Ready by 21 framework to help diverse groups and discrete programs find the common purpose in the bigger picture. Forum Policy Director Elizabeth Gaines, who served on a panel about “The Behavioral Side of Cradle to College and Career,” was impressed by how the partnership brings together stakeholders from various fields of work – such as general education, special education, mental health and systems of care – to pool ideas and resources. Also on the panel was Bryan Joffe, the American Association of School Administrator's project director for the Ready by 21 National Partnership.

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