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Peter Benson Mourned

The youth development community is grieving the loss of Search Institute CEO Peter Benson, who passed away this week after a 12-month battle with colon cancer. He was 65.
Information Update
October 6, 2011
Peter joined Search Institute in 1978 as a research scientist and took the helm in 1985. He was best known for developing the framework of the "40 developmental assets" as building blocks of healthy youth development. "Peter and I met almost 30 years ago, when there were only 30 assets," said Karen Pittman, CEO of the Forum for Youth Investment. "His vision not only for young people, but for the people who work with young people and the people who support them, was addictive. "
"I'm often introduced as the 'grandmother of youth development.' If I'm the grandmother, Peter is the grandfather. I really can't imagine finishing this journey without him."

SparkAction provides a full write-up about Peter's work. Search created a memorial page.

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