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Race to the Top with Ready by 21 Strategies

Communities carrying out Ready by 21 strategies are well-positioned for a new federal grant that gives competitive priority to education improvement efforts that focus on "results, resource alignment and integrated services." The Forum has submitted recommendations that would strengthen those aspects even further.
Information Update
June 14, 2012

The U.S. Department of Education's Race to the Top District Competition is open to school districts, which can apply as a consortium with neighboring districts, making it easier to reach low-income populations. Of particular note for Ready by 21 sites which operate across district lines: consortia of districts can apply together, even if they cross state lines.

The Forums' recommendations to the Education Department are based on its experience with effective collaborations and collective impact initiatives, and are focused on core principles of Ready by 21: building broader partnerships (to include students, nonprofits and all relevant government agencies); setting bigger goals (including non-academic goals as well as dropout recovery goals for disconnected youth); collecting and using better data (such as sharing data across agency lines); and taking bolder actions (such as building on existing efforts, and aligning efforts among agencies and different levels of government).

The Education Department is likely to award 15 to 20 districts between $15 million and $25 million each over four years. After the final request for proposals is released, the Forum will provide guidance for sites that wish to incorporate Ready by 21 standards and strategies into their applications.

To join the Coalition for Community Schools webinar about the Race to the Top Competition, go here