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Showing the Pipeline to Educators

A conference in Virginia last month offered one way to make sure college and career readiness is a priority for public schools - and to show educators how Ready by 21 helps them meet that priority.
Information Update
August 25, 2011

The three-day Vision to Practice Conference, hosted by the Virginia Department of Education, drew teams from all school districts in the state - showing a significant commitment among educators to the concept of readiness. A major theme was that readiness is the responsibility of all stakeholders, not just the schools.
To drive home that point, Forum CEO Karen Pittman delivered a keynote address about Ready by 21 and the Insulated Education Pipeline. To help attendees see the impact of Ready by 21 strategies, the Forum, the American Association of School Administrators (a Ready by 21 National Partner) and the Ready by 21 team from Richmond, Va., presented three workshops.