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Transforming Government, Transforming Communities

How can government change the way it does business to better serve communities?
Information Update
May 20, 2016
The Forum for Youth Investment's Transforming Government, Transforming Communities report shines a spotlight on a series of signature "place-based initiatives" that the Obama Administration has introduced. 
These place-based initiatives represent a historic effort to support communities in a comprehensive fashion, helping to empower communities to address their needs holistically. Place-based initiatives concentrate funding, flexibility, technical assistance and other support to help selected sites forge integrated approaches to community transformation that cut across individual programs, departments and sectors.


The executive summary and full report are available here.
This new way of doing business is already changing lives and communities. In the Berea College Promise Neighborhood, encompassing three counties in rural Kentucky, the percentage of students starting kindergarten ready to learn has grown from 16 to 42 percent due to improved collaboration. "A lot of previous work in this area was completed in silos. Organizations came in with a lot of funding and said 'this is what we're gonna do and this is how we're gonna do it.' Things might have changed for a time, but after that organization exited, everything reverted back," said Sherry Scott, head of the Partners for Education team at Berea College. Read more.
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