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We Really Do Know What Works - Using the Evidence to Create Lasting Change in Juvenile Justice and Beyond

The Forum’s CEO Karen Pittman recently sat down with Shay Bilchik of the Center for Juvenile Justice Reform and and Steve Michael with the Iowa Department of Human Rights to discuss what we know – and what we’re doing with that knowledge – about what works in juvenile justice.
Information Update
August 11, 2016

Pittman teed off the conversation on evidence-based practice with the observation that the term evidence has come up more in the last two years than it did in the last two decades. Shay highlighted the importance of evidence, emphasizing the need to look beyond the mindset of only focusing on rigorously evaluated programs to look at a variety of models.

Using evidence-based programs effectively means doing much more than just selecting a brand-name intervention. Matching the right intervention to the needs of an individual, training staff, assessing risks and needs at the outset and continuous evaluation and improvement are all essential, all three panelists agreed.

Listen to the recording of the session:

Read a short article on the conversation:

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