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Fiscal Maps Track Resources for Vulnerable Youth

New studies in New Orleans focus on opportunity youth and OST programs.
Press Release
August 20, 2015

No community in America has been buffeted by bigger challenges in the past decade that New Orleans. So it’s no surprise that when its leaders foresaw “austere times ahead” for supporting vulnerable children and youth, they didn’t sit still; they faced that challenge with new data and fresh ideas.

Those data and ideas were released yesterday through two studies that should interest leaders in communities beyond The Big Easy. Each study was built with a fiscal scan – a tool that tracks where funding comes from for specific causes and populations with a community, and where it goes.

The studies Accounting for Opportunity: A Fiscal Scan for Funding for New Orleans Opportunity Youth and Public Funding for Out-of-School Time in New Orleans – are designed to improve the collective understanding among advocates, providers and public officials about funding available to support young people, and to better align their efforts.

The studies were conducted through a partnership between the Forum for Youth Investment, Baptist Community Ministries (BCM) and the Cowen Institute. To read about how another community conducted a fiscal scan, see this short story.

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