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Partners Launch New Collective Impact Resource

Collective Impact Forum provides an online community and resource center
Press Release
March 25, 2014

A new resource has been unveiled to help leaders use the collective impact approach to achieve large-scale community change.

The Collective Impact Forum is an online community where everyone from practitioners and policymakers to funders and businesses can share success stories and challenges, solve problems and learn from each other.

The project is an initiative of FSG and the Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions, in partnership with national leaders in collective impact, including the Forum for Youth Investment. Other partners include Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, United Way Worldwide, Community Solutions, the Tamarack Institute and Grantmakers for Education.

The Forum for Youth Investment is one of five “co-catalysts” chosen by FSG and the Aspen Forum for Community Solutions for “their expertise in collective impact.” The Forum for Youth Investment – which helps state and local leaders implement collective impact strategies – contributed tools and resources from its Ready by 21® initiative and its Big Picture Approach to community change, which are now available on the Collective Impact site. It also contributed articles and guides that explain various aspects and use of the collective impact approach.

“For anyone carrying out the collective impact approach, the Collective Impact Forum is a go-to place,” said Merita Irby, co-founder and chief operating officer of the Forum for Youth Investment. “We’re excited by the dedication of FSG and the Aspen Institute to accelerate the collective impact movement.”

The Forum for Youth Investment urges its partners in the field to join the online community to:

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