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Ready News: August 2, 2013

Ready News
August 2, 2013

New ABCs for Youth


Alternative ABCs
An increasing number of schools use Early Warning Systems to monitor student data on attendance, behavior and course performance, and to trigger reviews for students who reach red flag levels. What if we combined such education indicators with youth development indicators to create a holistic early warning system? Karen Pittman seeks answers in her latest blog, and invites your thoughts.

Hear About Administration Policies Supporting Comprehensive Strategies for Youth
In order for community partnerships to have a positive impact on young people's lives, federal policies need to support comprehensive, place-based interagency efforts. The Forum for Youth Investment - in partnership with the National Collaboration for Youth, American Institutes for Research, the Campaign for Youth, the Children's Leadership Council and the Aspen Forum for Community Solutions - hosted a webinar to learn about the Obama Administration's plans to support such comprehensive efforts for youth in general, and for disconnected youth in particular.

The discussion by White House and federal administration officials, and related resources, can be found here.

Taking on the Challenge of Moving Ideas to Impact
"All good things come to an end." Chaucer said this in 1374. It remains true today. So it is with both excitement and sadness that we share the news that after 13 years with the Forum, Nicole Yohalem, our intrepid director of field building, will be leaving to play out our mission at the local level. Read about the exciting project for opportunity youth, and the Forum's new senior fellow.
State Policy Survey Seeks Your Input
Does your state have a child and youth policy coordinating body? The Forum wants to know.
Young people's lives are influenced by a range of government sectors, from education to health, public safety and juvenile justice. Over the past decade, states have been re-envisioning these fragmented, disconnected systems with more integration. Creating policy coordinating bodies has emerged as a lasting way for state leaders to improve effectiveness across these systems.
The Forum is launching the second Ready by 21 State Policy Survey to find out more about these innovative leadership structures, including their impact. Policy coordinating bodies come in many forms, such as Children's Cabinets and Commissions, P-16/P-20 Councils or Early Childhood Advisory Councils. Interested in participating? Contact

'Devastating' Data about Well-Being Disparities

A new study that analyzes child well-being in the U.S. by race, ethnicity and immigration status finds "devastating evidence of persistent disparities" between children of different backgrounds. See Diverse Children, by the Foundation for Child Development.  

Training for Youth Work Management 
Want to learn how to train your afterschool staff to increase the quality of their work? This Training of Trainers is for managers and site leaders who wish to support their sites throughout the quality improvement cycle developed by the Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality. Graduates of this Youth Work Management Training of Trainers course can facilitate the Weikart Center's Planning with Data and Quality Coaching workshops, and provide comprehensive support to staff who are involved in the process
When & Where: Sept. 26-7, Seattle, Wash.

How Partnerships Change Community Outcomes through Collective Impact
How can your community partnerships achieve real outcomes? What supports do partnerships need to achieve collective impact? What are the key steps in collaborative efforts to improve community conditions and outcomes?

Get the answers to these and other questions about how to create lasting, community-wide change at a special learning program presented by the Forum for Youth Investment and United Way Worldwide.

Achieving Collective Impact: How Partnerships Change Community Outcomes is built around the key steps to achieving measureable outcomes, such as problem analysis, intervention design, implementation, evaluation and improvement. Learn how to take a big picture approach to tackle underlying issues in your community. See what action planning looks like when many organizations share responsibility for results.
When & Where: Oct. 8-10, United Way Worldwide, Alexandria, Va.
Find out more.

Communities for Change leadership symposium
At nFocus Solutions' 4th annual Communities for Change leadership symposium decision-makers from city governments, nonprofits, schools, educational institutions and community improvement initiatives convene to explore ways to get to the bottom of complex social problems.
When & Where: Oct. 23-5, Omaha, Neb.
Find out more.
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