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Ready News: February 28, 2013

Ready News
February 28, 2013

 Improving Afterschool Programs, Measuring Outcomes


Afterschool Leaders Call for Better Data, More Sharing
Leaders at a national afterschool conference last week called for better data collection to measure outcomes and for greater coordination and information-sharing among afterschool providers within communities.
The Better Together Conference brought together nearly 400 public officials, educators, youth program leaders, nonprofit workers and funders from across the country. Co-sponsored by the Forum for Youth Investment and four partners - the Wallace Foundation, the National League of Cities, the Collaborative for Building After School Systems and the American Youth Policy Forum - the conference aimed to share lessons about building effective systems and to encourage cities to better coordinate resources from multiple stakeholders.
See coverage of the conference in Youth Today, and watch this video that celebrates the afterschool field using images from 32 of the participating communities. Materials from the conference will be available on the Wallace Foundation's Knowledge Center website.

The Ready by 21 National Meeting

March 11 - 13, 2013
The Ready by 21 National Meeting will bring together hundreds of leaders from around the country who are working toward the same goal: Getting all young people ready by 21 for college, work and life.

The National Meeting will include a variety of session types and formats, from keynote speakers and plenary panels to small group discussions and peer learning circles. You will be able to connect with other leaders from around the country, as well as from similar professions and sectors, to strengthen your networks, apply learning and create solutions.

Registration closes March 8, 2013 at
12 PM EST.

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Ready by 21 in 31 seconds
See  how Search Institute, a Ready by 21 National Partner, answers the question, "What is Ready 21?"


Business Leaders Seek Impact for Investments in Community Change
How can funders get a better impact from their youth investments? That was the subject of a special panel discussion for business and foundation leaders in Atlanta this month, called "The Currency of Impact."
The invitation-only luncheon, sponsored by the Forum for Youth Investment, focused on building collective impact partnerships; evaluating and improving the effectiveness of community collaborations; creating standardized certification for leadership groups; and building a centralized data platform to analyze the effect of specific efforts. The panel featured remarks by Karen Pittman, CEO of the Forum for Youth Investment; Paul Evensen, president of Community Systems Group; Armistead Sapp, senior vice president of SAS; and Kunden Dhillon, vice president of sales and client care for Lloyd Registry Quality Assurance.
Balancing Collective Impact with the Need to Scale Up
Dorothy Stoneman, founder and CEO of YouthBuild USA, worries that:

"in the process of embracing collective impact, some of its advocates have seemed to de-value ... programs that make a difference for specific individuals but do not change the situation for a whole target population in a community. I am writing this blog to call for balancing these two concepts. Both are absolutely essential. Both will benefit from each other's success."

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Measuring Afterschool Outcomes 
A new multi-city project is underway to determine outcomes in afterschool programs.
The Collaborative for Building After-School Systems (CBASS) selected the Forum for Youth Investment and the American Institutes for Research to update its outcome measurement framework for out-of-school time (OST) intermediaries. The Forum and AIR will use that framework to develop a multi-year research project to analyze youth-, program- and system-level outcomes in 13 communities.
The Forum and CBASS partnered several years ago to promote the group's initial framework in the report Speaking in One Voice. The new framework will reflect trends in policy and practice as well as advancements on measurement. CBASS is a coalition of leading afterschool intermediary organizations representing cities and regions across the country.

Achieving Collective Impact: How Partnerships Change Community Outcomes
Here's a great opportunity for people working to create lasting, community wide change: The Forum for Youth Investment and United Way Worldwide will present a three-day learning program designed to accelerate the work of collaborative partnerships.
Achieving Collective Impact: How Partnerships Change Community Outcomes is built around the 10 key steps to achieving measureable outcomes, such as problem analysis, intervention design, implementation, evaluation and improvement. Participants will learn how to take a big picture approach to tackle underlying issues in their communities. See what action planning looks like when many organizations share responsibility for results.
When & Where: May 7-9, United Way Worldwide, Alexandria, Va.
Find out more here.

National Conference on Education, Los Angeles, Feb. 21-23 - At this conference sponsored by the American Association of School Administrators, Jean Walker, co-chair of the Ready by 21 Leadership Council, and Bryan Joffe, director for education and youth development at AASA, facilitated a workshop about Ready by 21.
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