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Ready News: July 11, 2014

Ready News
July 11, 2014

Putting the Community into Community Engagement


Putting the Community into Community Engagement 

Those of us pushing for community change know that community members are the engine of systemic changes in the attitudes, norms and behaviors that are necessary for big systems reform. So why is it so hard to engage the community? How can leaders generate effective community engagement in collective impact partnerships? 

In this new Huffington Post blog, Forum CEO Karen Pittman draws parallels to the parental engagement challenge in education, and finds a need to engage "multiple tables" in collective impact work.

 News & Resources

Youth Readiness

A Thought Leadership Conversation

What does it mean to get young people ready for college, and life? On July 16, join us for a thoughtful conversation featuring national leaders in the quest for readiness: John Gomperts, president and CEO of the America's Promise Alliance; Karen Pittman, CEO and co-founder of the Forum; and Sean Slade, director of whole child programs at ASCD. They'll reflect on topics such as what supports need to be provided and how to create those supports. 

Find out more and register for the conference call here. Send your questions and comments using the hashtag #readyyouth on Twitter.



Youth Readiness 

Stories of Success

The Quest for Readiness, the Forum's 2013 Annual Report, brings you stories from around the country about community and state leaders working to strengthen partnerships, practices and policies - all to improve the odds for youth.  Read about leaders building a children and youth master plan in Alexandria, Va.; using new data to spark public conversations about youth issues in Indianola, Miss.; improving afterschool instruction in Palm Beach County, Fla.;  creating legislation to let communities use federal dollars more effectively to help young people; and more.

Collective Impact

Achieving Collective Impact: How Partnerships Change Community Outcomes

The Forum for Youth Investment and FSG are teaming up to help communities effectively carry out collective impact strategies. Join this three-day institute to learn how to create the five conditions for collective impact approaches through clear, sequenced steps: from partnership creation, community engagement, goal-setting and problem analysis to intervention design, implementation, evaluation and improvement. Participants will learn how to take a Big Picture Approach to tackle a range of issues in their communities, focusing on how to apply the nuts and bolts of collective impact strategies back home.

Sept. 16-18, St. Louis, Mo.
Find out more. 

Opportunity Youth 

Partner Directory for Opportunity Youth Organizations

The Grads of Life PSA Campaign will hit the airwaves nationwide in 2014 to drive employer demand for opportunity youth. The on-air campaign will be accompanied by the Grads of Life website, which will give employers resources and information to build employment pathways for young adults in their communities. If your organization partners with businesses to create employment pathways (such as mentoring, internship, skills training and hiring opportunities) for young adults ages 16-24 who are currently or are at risk of being disconnected from school and work, apply at to be listed in the partner directory. 




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