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Ready News: May 30, 2013

Ready News
May 30, 2013

Learning Collective Impact Strategies; What Does Readiness Mean?


Community Leaders Will Learn Collective Impact Strategies
How can community leaders create a cohesive set of supports for children and youth? In Florida, the answer is to join a challenge issued by the Forum for Youth Investment.
Five communities have been chosen for the Florida Community Challenge, which will provide free training to help local leaders learn how to fundamentally improve youth services and supports through the collective impact of organizations that work with young people.
Teams of leaders from Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Palm Beach County and Broward County will participate in a two-day training institute in Florida in June and in an interactive webinar. They will also receive ongoing technical assistance from the Forum. The leaders will learn how to use the Forum's Ready by 21® strategies to form lasting coalitions of stakeholders; set bigger goals across various developmental areas; use key indicators to track goals more efficiently; make better decisions based on comprehensive data; improve the quality of their programs for children and families; and align policies and resources to maximize their impact.
Click here to learn more about this and other state challenges provided by the Forum.

Talking with Teens about Readiness
What does it mean for young people to be ready for college, work and life? Forum CEO Karen Pittman discussed that question last week on Real Talk for Teens, a program for young people that airs on BlogTalkRadio. Listen to the conversation about what teens are doing to ensure that they are ready; what teens need from the people and institutions in their lives; and why businesses, colleges and young people themselves say that so many teens are not ready.

Moving Good Ideas to Widespread Implementation
How can leaders sustain effective school improvement efforts and bring them to scale through collaboration across research and practice? Those are two of the questions that the "i3 Learning Community" is grappling with, and last month the members gathered in Washington to share experiences and ideas.

The Forum for Youth Investment facilitates this group of 20 teams from around the country who are working on federal Investing in Innovation (i3) projects and are committed to building knowledge about school improvement. One outgrowth of their most recent meeting was a Huffington Post blog that the Forum co-authored with Bob Slavin of Johns Hopkins University, focusing on lessons about scaling up a technology intervention in the sometimes low-tech environment of schools. The learning community is funded by the William T. Grant and Spencer Foundations.

New Guidebook for Increasing Graduation Rates
America's Promise Alliance has released the updated Grad Nation Community Guidebook (Community Guidebook), a research-based toolkit for communities working to raise graduation rates and better support children and youth from birth through college. Created in collaboration with Civic Enterprises and the Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins University, the online Community Guidebook offers approaches and tools that all communities can incorporate at any stage in their work. Read more.

Youth Work Methods Experience
Improve your ability to provide comprehensive support to staff to help them improve their practices. Explore the Active-Participatory Approach in depth, experience three key Youth Work Methods and strengthen coaching and observational skills.

When & Where: July 22-23, Ypsilanti, Mich.
Learn more and register now. (Registration ends June 28.)
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