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Ready News: May 4, 2017

Ready News
May 4, 2017
Changing the Odds for Youth: Creating Opportunities that Really Matter by Karen Pittman


May 2017
News & resources from the Forum and the field about collaborative work to get young people ready by 21.
I don't want to go to any more celebrations in which young people are given "beat the odds" awards to acknowledge the individual commitment they have made to overcome obstacles.  This is not because these young people don't deserve our attention and awe.  They absolutely do.  It's because we should not in any way settle for individual successes when there is so much more we could have done to ameliorate mass struggles.

I want to go to celebrations where adults and youth are reporting on the concrete work they have done to "change the odds" for young people.  The difference between these two words- beat vs. change - is huge.  And it is mirrored in the differences between three other popular word pairs.

Equality | Equity.   Equality is a good goal given where we are, but it is not at all a sufficient one.  Equity is achieved when all kids have a shot at getting the essentials they need to succeed because 1) the differences in their starting points have been taken into account, and 2) the systemic or institutional barriers to their success have been addressed.  People often use a baseball analogy to get at equality vs. equity. Equity is achieved when the playing field is leveled and the fences are taken down, providing young people with real opportunities to get into the game."
Ready by 21 Learning Lab
Ready by 21 Learning Lab: Tools and Techniques for Achieving Resultslearning
May 23-24, 2017
Silver Spring, Md.
The Forum for Youth Investment is bringing you a practical, hands-on, two-day workshop and coaching session designed for backbone leaders, steering committee members and other partners actively involved in community change efforts focused on children & youth.
The workshop is designed for leaders who are thinking about how the critical tasks of community change management can be staged and sequenced in order to move steadily towards improving outcomes. It is particularly useful for those in the early stages of forming or planning an initiative, or in the process of re-igniting or refreshing their initiative for the next phase of joint work. Special emphasis is given to tools and techniques that help leaders align and connect multiple issues and efforts, identifying areas for joint planning and action.
Attention United Way Leaders: We are proud to announce that the Ready by 21 Learning Lab has been approved for flex credits.

Find out more and register.
Equity and Opportunity
America's Promise Alliance Releases Our Work: A Framework for Accelerating Progress for Children and Youth in Americaequity
How can we improve and build upon the work being done for America's youth? For 20 years, the America's Promise Alliance has been exploring this important question. Our Work: A Framework for Accelerating Progress for Children and Youth in America synthesizes research and decades of experience to delve into how the American Dream is both real and at risk for young people. The report shines a light on where we as a nation have made progress and where we have fallen behind. Two decades of lessons learned are shared, providing concrete examples of what works and offering specific guidance on key areas to focus future efforts upon.

Review the report here.
Children's Funding Project
The Forum for Youth Investment, The Cady-Lee House, 7064 Eastern Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20012
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