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Ready News: November 3, 2016

Ready News
November 3, 2016

Investing in Kids: A Winning Proposition

News & resources from the Forum and the field about collaborative work to get young people ready by 21.
Investing in Kids: A Winning Proposition   
Leaders across the country are seeking innovative ways to increase viability and reduce inequity in their counties. For years, communities have relied on federal and state dollars to meet their children's learning and development needs, but unfortunately those resources aren't enough. Local investments are needed to scale proven programs, and some counties are on the cutting edge of this path.
More than 20 communities, including Philadelphia, Denver, and 16 counties in Florida and Missouri, have passed new dedicated-revenue tax initiatives for child and youth programs and services. Dedicated-revenue streams can ensure stable sources of funds to support services for children and families. The type of tax varies by county between property, sales, soda and other special taxes. The eight counties in Florida created special taxing districts for children.

The Forum's Elizabeth Gaines recently wrote on this critical topic, highlighting a unique funding strategy adopted by King County, Wash. Read more.
Children's Cabinets cc
Webinar: Is a Children's Cabinet Right for your Mayor, County Executive or Commissioner? 
Thursday, November 10th, 12:15pm to 1:15pm

Across the nation, county and municipal leaders are aligning multiple agencies to develop better policies, procedures and programmatic efforts to support the success of children, youth and their families. This work often focuses on populations in need of targeted support. The coordinating bodies are sometimes called Children's Cabinets.  

Is your county or city interested in developing a Children's Cabinet or do you already have the structure but want to learn more? Come learn and share on this webinar about this emerging work to improve the lives of children and youth.

Click here to register. 
Deadline Approaching on the Call for Proposals: 2017 Ready by 21 National Meeting in Austin, Texas 
Every year the Ready by 21 National Meeting brings together leaders from all over the country dedicated to getting all young people ready for college, work and life. The sixth annual Ready by 21 National Meeting will be in Austin, Texas from March 29-31.

Interested in presenting a workshop? At the core of the Ready by 21 National Meeting are the workshops that educate and inspire the hundreds of participants to do the ground work in ensuring that all young people are ready to succeed. 

Learn more about what we are looking for and submit your proposal today.  Proposals are due by Friday, Nov. 11.
The Future of K-12 Education: What Would You Do?
Recently, we were excited to announce that the Forum's Karen Pittman was selected to The Aspen Institute's National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development. Today we ask you to join this effort to re-envision what constitutes success in our schools.
This week, the National Commission is meeting for the first time ever, and has flagged the need for input and ideas from people across the United States. You are strongly encouraged to share your ideas, examples, and insights for fully integrating social, emotional, and academic development in K-12 education using the hashtag #TellNCSEAD on Twitter. You can also comment on FacebookIdeas and suggestions will be compiled and shared with the National Commission. For more information, click here
Opportunity Youth oy
YouthBuild USA, Inc. Names New CEO
YouthBuild USA, Inc. recently announced the appointment of John B. Valverde as its Chief Executive Officer. As CEO, Valverde will lead an international nonprofit organization that has grown a global network of YouthBuild programs enabling out-of-school, unemployed young people to reclaim their educations, gain the skills they need for employment and become leaders in their communities.

The selection of Valverde by the organization's Board of Directors, which includes the Forum's Karen Pittman, followed a national search to find a successor to YouthBuild founder and CEO Dorothy Stoneman. Stoneman built YouthBuild from the ground up, starting as a single experimental program in East Harlem in 1978. In 1984, she orchestrated its expansion citywide in New York, in 1988 took it national, in 1992 succeeded in the creation of a federally-funded YouthBuild program, and in 2000 began its international expansion, starting in South Africa.

"This day is so special for all of us.  Dorothy is the founder of the movement that really set the standard for the expectations and supports for opportunities for young people, which has since evolved into the national commitment to Opportunity Youth. And now John, who thrived through these supports, is stepping in as CEO.  I couldn't be more pleased for YouthBuild and excited for the movement," said Karen Pittman. 

Learn more about John here.
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