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Ready News: October 13, 2014

Ready News
October 13, 2014

How to Maintain Community Engagement to Achieve Collective Impact


News & resources from the Forum and the field about collaborative work to get young people ready by 21.

How to Maintain Community Engagement to Achieve Collective Impact

People who run collective impact efforts say one of their toughest tasks is keeping community engagement going beyond the "summits" where everyone gets fired up. What does it mean to keep communities engaged in the mission that they've signed on for? Why is it so hard to do this well? 

Musing on these questions took Karen Pittman to rural Alaska - figuratively. At a conference in Aspen, Colo., she met Brian McNitt, program officer for the Alaska Conservation Foundation. Brian told of how the foundation created a network of professional staff ("catalysts") in selected communities to keep the local work moving and keep the communities connected with each other and the foundation. 

Karen interviewed Brian about this strategy, and shares the six main lessons in her latest Huffington Post blog. You can also read excerpts from the interview.

Collective Impact CollectiveImpact

Seeding Collective Impact Strategies Across a Nation

The Forum's Kiley Bednar has spent much of this year helping people learn collective impact strategies in communities around the United States. But how do you carry out collective impact strategies across a nation? The Forum's program manager recently flew to Honduras to help and to learn. 

Kiley delivered a keynote at the three-day Sustainable Honduras Conference, and offers a short summary of how organizers there hope to use collective impact strategies, on both the local and national levels, to address "complex social issues, including clean water, violence prevention, education and access to electricity and health care."

National Council of Young Leaders Takes on Capitol Hill

The National Council of Young Leaders - 16 diverse "opportunity youths" from across the U.S. - recently held a congressional briefing to present their federal policy recommendations to address the most pervasive problems facing low-income young Americans. To a packed room, they also shared the personal experiences that drive their passion for change. Get the story from SparkAction, a division of the Forum.

Afterschool afterschool

Spreading the Word about Quality Improvement

Afterschool providers who have committed to improving the quality of their services often struggle to explain that important work to the public. For a good example of how to do that, see this op-ed, where two leaders of a quality improvement initiative in Washington state explain the why and how of their initiative. The effort is being conducted in partnership with the Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality, a division of the Forum for Youth Investment, and School's Out Washington.

Opportunities opportunities

Data Director Sought

CSG, a national leader in evaluating systems and partnerships, is looking for talented people who are passionate about the power of collaboration to produce measurable outcomes in justice, education, health and positive youth development. The data director will lead all aspects of CSG's data and technology work; find out more. CSG, based in St. Louis, is an affiliate of the Forum for Youth Investment.

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