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Ready News: October 14, 2014

Ready News
October 14, 2014

Achieving Collective Impact Starts with Asking Hard Questions


News & resources from the Forum and the field about collaborative work to get young people ready by 21.

Achieving Collective Impact Starts with Asking Hard Questions

Communities across the country are embracing the collective impact approach as a way to move the needle on complex problems. At the heart of this approach is the idea of shared measurement. The term sounds dry and technical. The process, if done correctly, should be anything but. 

In this blog for Youth Thrive in Wake County, N.C., Forum CEO Karen Pittman shows how collecting good data is just the start - because it "should prompt questions that can't be easily answered with more data."

Collective Impact CollectiveImpact

How Public Policy Can Support Collective Impact

How can public policies be collective impact friendly? A new learning brief from FSG and the Forum for Youth Investment, published by the Collective Impact Forum, explains how to support collective impact through public policies.

Drawing on interviews with policymakers, extensive secondary research and the authors' experiences in the policy sphere, the brief provides examples of and recommendations for policies that enable communities to apply the collective impact approach to tackling complex social problems.

Watch for reflections about the report's applicability to child and youth policy in an upcoming edition of Ready News.

Ten Ways that Competency-Based Education is the Same in K-12 & Higher Ed

Having once run a competency-based program, Stephanie Krauss, senior fellow at the Forum, has plenty of insight into what makes them tick. So last June, when she co-presented on competency-based education (CBE) with Charla Long, dean of Lipscomb University, they were both amazed to find the numerous similarities between their experiences in K-12 and higher education, respectively.

In her latest blog for Competency Works, Stephanie shares 10 of the nearly 50 ways where their CBE experiences tend to be the same.

Funding Funding

Webinar Series on Time and Equity

The Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University, WestEd and UCLA IDEA are planning a two-part webinar series about "Time and Equity." The series - for Ford Foundation and Nellie Mae Education Foundation grantees and their networks - aims to provide learning opportunities and tools to more effectively use time to enhance student-centered and equity-oriented learning approaches. The first webinar will be about Examining Inequalities between Low- and High-Poverty California High Schools.

Nov. 18, 1 p.m. ET
Request an invitation.
Out-of-School Time afterschool

New Out-of-School Time Hub Launches

Youth Today launched a Web hub dedicated to exploring research and practice in out-of-school time programs. First up is a focus on language and literacy, utilizing articles and research, resources for curricula and lesson plans, program examples, professional development opportunities and voices from the field via blogs, vlogs and photo essays. See the hub.

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