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Ready News: October 4, 2013

Ready News
October 4, 2013

Communities Collect Data to Spur Change


Communities Collect Data to Spur Change

Just as there is a change in the seasons, change is happening in the way nine communities around the country do business for young people. 


Through the Ready Youth initiative, the Forum for Youth Investment is providing the communities with tools and technical assistance to collect and analyze data about youth in new ways, then use the findings as a catalyst to carry out community conversations that drive solutions.


Ready Youth was launched last year in six communities; this short story explains how one of those communities gathered data and used the results.


This year's group consists of Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Richmond, Va.; Jackson, Miss.; Biloxi, Miss.; Indianola and Sunflower County, Miss.; and a group of four small communities in Mississippi: East Jasper County, Greenville, northern Bolivar County and Tallahatchie County. They kicked off their Ready Youth process this week by implementing a special version of the Gallup Student Poll (which measures the hope, engagement and well-being of young people in schools throughout the country). The communities will combine poll findings with other community data on children and youth, such as delinquency, employment and poverty rates, to create a customized picture of each community's young people.


Ready Youth is one of the packages offered by the Forum to help leaders carry out Ready by 21 strategies. This two-page summary explains how Ready Youth works.


Lessons from Innovators
The latest in the Forum's guest blog with Robert Slavin at the Huffington Post considers a new innovation in learning: Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR). CSR brings students together in collaborative groups to read and apply comprehension strategies.


Slavin takes a close look at how Denver public schools are addressing the dynamics of bridging research and practice, and the importance of embedding new practices in the existing infrastructure of a school district.


Representatives Back Presidential Youth Council

This week, 16 members of Congress joined Rep. John Larson (D-Conn.) in backing a resolution to establish a Presidential Youth Council to advise the president on policies affecting young people. The Campaign for a Presidential Youth Council and SparkAction, a division of the Forum for Youth Investment, have teamed up on the cause. Find out about the campaign and show your support for the resolution.


President Makes Time for Disadvantaged Youth

President Obama last week signaled his support for efforts to boost the odds for disadvantaged youth by showing up unexpectedly at a Youth Jobs+ Champions of Change gathering at the White House. Forum Vice President Thaddeus Ferber was there and blogs about what such presidential appearances mean for the cause.  

How Can Research Support Community Collaborations?
America's Promise Alliance (a Ready by 21 National Partner) and the John W. Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities hosted a gathering of 100 youth development thought leaders this month to discuss the emerging field of research supporting community collaborations. The Center for Promise produced a paper that discusses preliminary findings from research on the topic.   

National Conference on Summer Learning

The theme of this year's annual conference of the National Summer Learning Association is "Advancing Outcomes for Youth: Demonstrating Your Value in a Data-Driven Age." Presenters and participants will explore the best ways to collect data, track progress and make the case for summer learning to funders, policymakers and the public.


When & Where: Nov. 11-13, Orlando, Fla.

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After the Leap

Learn from experts about how executives, practitioners and funders are advancing outcomes measurement and performance management, and what executive and board leadership can do in your organizations and communities. The conference is sponsored by Urban Institute, Child Trends, Social Solutions and Leap of Reason.
When & Where: Dec. 3-4, Washington, D.C.

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National AfterSchool Association

The National AfterSchool Association requests proposals for workshops and special sessions for its 26th Annual Convention.


When & Where: Feb. 28-March 3, New York City. Submission deadline is Oct. 25.

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