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Ready News: September 5, 2013

Ready News
September 5, 2013

Youth Councils Can be Powerful


Youth Councils Can be Powerful

Engaging young people in solutions is a core principle of Ready by 21- but how can we ensure that youth engagement is meaningful, rather than a token gesture? Youth and adult leaders provided some answers last week at a Youth Engagement Forum, featuring observations by youth activists, the governor of Connecticut and a congressman. We asked two attendees to blog about what they learned:


Forum Vice President Thaddeus Ferber spoke with members of the state's Congressional Youth Cabinet and reflects on what makes such cabinets important.


Alex Wirth, an advocate for youth involvement in government, community service and service-learning, explains why he was inspired by the event, especially a congressman's call for the creation of a Presidential Youth Council.


Watch a TV broadcast of the event.
See the Forum for Youth Investment's one-page guide to youth engagement resources.
See Karen Pittman's blog about "The Untapped Power of Youth Engagement."


Lessons from Innovators

Educational leaders are pushing boundaries by working to extend learning beyond the walls of a traditional classroom. The belief is that by taking a blended learning approach, students will be better able to compete in a global economy.


"Getting on the right side of history before the center of gravity on the issue has shifted is hard," says the director of School and Program Services of EDUCATION CONNECTION, the regional educational service center in Western Connecticut that is spearheading this project. "The good news is that once you do it, you don't have to go back."


That and other insights from EDUCATION CONNECTION are discussed in the Forum's guest blog with Robert Slavin at the Huffington Post. Slavin is capturing and communicating lessons from a learning community of 20 teams from around the nation that are working on federal Investing in Innovation (i3) projects. The Forum supports those teams in partnership with the William T. Grant and Spencer Foundations.


Learn Strategies to Help Improve School Attendance

In honor of Attendance Awareness Month, join America's Promise Alliance for a Twitter Party to discuss attendance and chronic absence. Learn about strategies to help improve school attendance in your community through this free event, presented by the Taco Bell Foundation for Teens and State Farm.

Experts from Attendance Works (@AttendanceWorks), the Alliance for Excellent Education (@all4ed), America's Promise Alliance (@AmericasPromise) and others will be available to answer questions. Use the Attendance Campaign hashtag, #SchoolEveryDay, to join the conversation.

When: Sept. 10, 1 p.m. ET.


How Partnerships Change Community Outcomes through Collective Impact

How can your community partnerships achieve real outcomes? What supports do partnerships need to achieve collective impact? What are the key steps in collaborative efforts to improve community conditions and outcomes?


Get the answers to these and other questions about how to create lasting, community-wide change at a special learning program presented by the Forum for Youth Investment and United

Way Worldwide.


Achieving Collective Impact: How Partnerships Change Community Outcomes is built around the key steps to achieving measureable outcomes, such as problem analysis, intervention design, implementation, evaluation and improvement. Learn how to take a "big picture approach" to tackle underlying issues in your community. See what action planning looks like when many organizations share responsibility for results.

When & Where: Oct. 8-10, United Way Worldwide, Alexandria, Va.

Find out more.


Training for Youth Work Management

Want to learn how to train your afterschool staff to increase the quality of their work? This Training of Trainers is for managers and site leaders who wish to support their sites throughout the quality improvement cycle developed by the Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality. Graduates of this Youth Work Management Training of Trainers course can facilitate the Weikart Center's Planning with Data and Quality Coaching workshops, and provide comprehensive support to staff who are involved in the process. 

When & Where: Oct. 31-Nov. 1, Rochester, N.Y.


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