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Ready by 21 National Meeting Pre-Meetings


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Prior to the official start of the 2018 National Meeting in Palm Beach County, Florida, the Forum and our partners will host a number of pre-sessions. Here are brief descriptions of each one.

Please check back here regularly to see additions to the pre-meeting offerings. 

The Weikart Center Pre-Meeting is intended for current Weikart Center clients and funding organizations as part of our ongoing commitment to a learning movement around continuous quality improvement in out-of-school time. Participants will have an opportunity to hear directly from Weikart Center leadership, engage in dialogue with other network leaders from around the country and Weikart Center staff and field consultants. Program quality-focused sessions are offered throughout the National Meeting by the Weikart Center and its partners. If you have any questions about participating in the session, please email Adrienne Bard.  

The 100 Million Healthier Lives Pre-Meeting will focus on an interactive discussion to share tools and concrete examples of collaboration regarding what others are doing to promote wellbeing and advance equity for youth (and adults) in their community or network, and share your work.100 Million Healthier Lives is a global movement of advocates, community members, policy and government leaders, youth, and program implementers from many different sectors in nearly 30 countries who share a vision – to change how we think and act about wellbeing, health, and equity – and a goal: that 100 million people will live healthier lives by 2020. Our approach to health considers wellbeing from a broad lens, including physical health, mental health, social wellbeing, and spiritual wellbeing. Working to ensure that all children thrive from cradle to career is one of our shared areas of focus for advancing equity.  Whether your work is in out-of-school settings, schools, public health or health care, juvenile justice, community development, or another sector, you are welcome.  

The Success360 Cross-Site Pre-Meeting is intended for Altria’s Success360 grantees and local affiliates. It is by invitation only. Participants will have an opportunity to meet in teams – both by locality and by partner – to explore how we might strengthen collaboration to expand and deepen our impact in Success360 communities. 

The Managing a Local Public Fund Learning Exchange is an invitation-only session for leaders of local dedicated children’s funding streams. These localities, recognizing specific funding gaps for children and youth, have passed ballot measures to address those gaps with a small tax increase or set aside, under the condition that the additional revenue goes directly to children and youth. Going to voters provides a dimension of sustainability that the annual city/county budget cannot promise year over year. Although this session is only for leaders of these pre-established funding streams, there are plenty of opportunities to learn more about this concept. Our website contains many resources and additional information and we encourage you to learn more here.