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Ready by 21 National Meeting Pre-Meetings


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Prior to the official start of the 2019 National Meeting in Seattle, Washington, the Forum and our partners hosted a number of pre-sessions. Here are brief descriptions of each one. 

The PSELI Learning Community Meeting (by invitation only) was designed for up to 10 system-level representatives from each community to meet with PSELI colleagues, share best practices and collectively work on problems of practice. There was also an opportunity for communities to discuss their Year 3 plans and deliverables with their program officers and Wallace staff. In addition, up to 6 SEL coaches per community were invited to attend a separate follow-up train-the-trainer session, building on the work begun at the November Convening.

The Success360 Cross-Site Pre-Meeting was intended for Altria’s Success360 grantees and local affiliates. Participants had an opportunity to meet in teams – both by locality and by partner – to explore how we might strengthen collaboration to expand and deepen our impact in Success360 communities.

Essentials for Youth Readiness: Equity & SEL

School’s Out Washington (SOWA) and the Weikart Center hosted a daylong pre-meeting focused on equity and SEL in OST practice. 

  • In the morning session, participants experienced SOWA’s Structural Racism workshop, to increase knowledge of why understanding race and structural racism is crucial to achieving cultural competence; understand how history, laws, policies, practices and belief systems have interacted to produce racial disparities; and identify connections between historical racial injustices and present-day realities for young people and their families.
  • Over lunch, keynote speaker Dr. Kira Hudson Banks helped attendees connect conversations around equity and SEL practices.
  • In the afternoon, there were several breakout sessions, including SOWA’s Cultural Responsiveness workshop and offerings from the Weikart Center’s new suite of SEL Methods, including Foundations and Self-Awareness for Social Development, Essentials for an SEL Framework, and Engaging Youth in Productive Struggle.