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Readiness and Schools: Filling the Traps and Closing the Gaps

June 9, 2015 - 1:00 pm to June 9, 2015 - 2:00 pm

Karen Pittman engaged in a provocative discussion with two thought leaders about some of the big readiness traps found not only in schools, but most of our public systems – traps that lead to too many young people “doing their time” but leaving with gaps in their readiness for college, work or life. Karen interviewed Stephanie Krauss, senior fellow for the Forum for Youth Investment, and Bryan Joffe, director of education and youth development at AASA. Both Stephanie and Bryan are young changemakers who are tackling, in complementary ways, the question of what it takes to get youth development practices embedded into the DNA of schools.

This fast-paced conversation addressed topics such as:
  • Explicity naming and measuring competencies, including the latest research about the skillsets and mindsets that youth need to be ready
  • Practices that can help fill traps and close gaps
About our Thought Leaders 
Stephanie was asked to put her ideas into action by creating Missouri’s first competency-based charter school for over-age, under-credited students. She literally “baked” youth development into Shearwater high school’s mission by explicitly naming the full set of youth competencies and educator practices that are needed to ensure that youth left not only credentialed, but competent. Bryan has spent ten years in the education sector, first in state government and now in partnership with local school districts, focused on underrepresented populations’ transitions to post-secondary and career. He now works to address disparities in suspensions and expulsions, improve teacher professional development, and foster school-community partnerships focused on college and career readiness.
Listen to a recording of the conversation. 
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