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Quality Counts

Quality Counts

The Quality Counts Initiative (2007-2009) helped communities and states improve the quality and reach of their youth services by providing them with tools and resources for planning.

Quality Counts guided communities and states to:

  • Assess their capacity to improve those services.
  • Create a plan to increase program quality and staff skills.
  • Make more information available about out-of-school time opportunities. 
  • Create a leadership agenda for quality improvement.

Quality Counts Communities

  •  Georgetown Divide, Calf.
  •  Columbus, Ind.
  •  Indianapolis, Ind.
  •  Grand Rapids, Mich.
  •  St. Louis, Mo.
  •  Nashville, Tenn.
  •  Austin, Texas

Quality Counts States

  •  Iowa
  •  Kentucky
  •  New York
  •  Oklahoma
  •  Rhode Island
  •  Washington

An overview of the lessons learned from the Quality Counts initiative is available here.