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Southeast Cities Challenge

Southeast Cities Challenge

The Southeast Cities Challenge (2009-2015) helped selected communities develop the core leadership capacities that are critical to improving outcomes for all children and youth, from birth to career.

Leaders in these communities worked closely with the Forum and the Ready by 21 National Partnership to implement broader partnerships, bigger goals, better data and bolder strategies.

The six participating communities were chosen from among the largest 65 metropolitan areas in the Southeast.    

Each of the chosen communities conducted a Leadership Capacity Audit: a set of structured surveys, interviews and diagnostic tools that assess their leadership capacities. The communities received ongoing coaching and technical assistance from the Partnership to plan and carry out broadscale change, participate in peer discussions, and share progress reports within their communities, their states and Ready by 21 Leadership networks.

The Southeast Cities

  •  Atlanta, Ga.
  •  Chattanooga, Tenn.
  •  Louisville, Ky.
  •  Nashville, Tenn.
  •  Northern Kentucky
  •  Richmond, Va.

More on the Southeast Challenge is available here.