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Children's Cabinet Network

Children's Cabinet Network

The Children’s Cabinet Network, managed by the Forum for Youth Investment, is made up of state policy leaders who serve as directors and/or chairs of Children’s Cabinets.
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Elizabeth Gaines
Forum for Youth Investment

Governors across the country are creating, cross-agency coordinating bodies, called Children's Cabinets, to help meet this growing demand.  Children's Cabinets are systematically changing the fragmented ways states typically do business for children and youth by using a data-driven, results-oriented approach. Children's Cabinets can streamline and integrate government programs and services, thus improving efficiency and creating better outcomes for kids.  Sometimes known as councils or commissions, Children's Cabinets are established through executive order or legislation.  Though they vary in structure from state to state, Children's Cabinets are typically made up of the heads of all state government agencies with child and youth-serving programs.  Members of Children's Cabinets meet on a regular basis to coordinate services, develop a common set of outcomes, and collaboratively decide upon and implement plans to foster the well-being of young people in their state.

States with Children's Cabinets have joined together in a national Children’s Cabinet Network, managed by the Forum for Youth Investment.  Members of the Children's Cabinet Network share best practices and receive technical support, coaching and tools and to focus on bringing efficiency and effectiveness to state efforts to improve child and youth outcomes. 

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