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Action Plan


Youth Ready by 21: A Five-Year Action Agenda for Maryland


Monday, October 15, 2007
Short Description: 
The Maryland Action Agenda is comprehensive in scope and built on a holistic assessment regarding the needs of Maryland’s young adults. In developing this agenda, the touchstone has been to focus on a big picture result for all of Maryland’s youth – that they are ready for college, work and life by age 21.

Nashville Child and Youth Master Plan


Nashville, TN

The challenge is to move beyond fragmented approaches, toward citywide collaboration and accountability. The Mayor’s Child and Youth Master Plan is an invitation to the community to make a commitment to children and youth by working collaboratively to achieve the plan’s desired outcomes.

Nashville's 14 desired outcomes for children and youth

Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Short Description: 
The Nashville Mayor’s Child and Youth Master Plan is first and foremost a living document that seeks to clarify and prioritize what Nashville as a city want to see and commit to concerning the well-being of its children and youth. It is also a call to the larger community to develop broader partnerships, set attainable goals, employ data driven decision making and engage in bolder strategies.