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Explore this collection of tools, reports, guides and other materials selected from across the expertise of the Ready by 21 National Partnership. You can search for specific resources using the filters on the left side or using the drop down menus below.

April 25, 2012
Many leaders and educators are adopting strategies to expand the learning day, develop deep partnerships in the community and provide a range of supportive out-of-school time programs. The success of these initiatives hinges not on any single investment or organization, but on their collective impact on the student. The student, rather than the school, is increasingly at the center of how communities think about and measure their results.
August 5, 2011
Columbus, Indiana
The Columbus, Ind., Council for Youth Development brought together the local school system, youth-serving agencies, government, United Way and several other stakeholder groups, with support from Ready by 21. The goal: Help prepare Columbus' children to be healthy, successful members of society. The council's brochure shows how a local leadership group can communicate its work and core messages to the public.