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College and Career Readiness

Issue Brief
June 6, 2010
In a recent article entitled "College and Career Readiness" published in The School Administrator, Karen Pittman, Co-Founder and President of the Forum for Youth Investment, asks: Even if students graduate high school, are they really equipped for the next stage? Unsurprisingly, the answer she found was no.

Pittman writes, “No matter who is doing the measuring, the college- and work-readiness rates of high school seniors and high school graduates are appallingly low.”

Pittman reports that only three in ten seniors, at best, are college-ready, and up to a fourth of all first-year students at four-year colleges do not return for their second year.  She cited Corporate Voices for Working Families’ research and quoted that four in ten high school graduates, at best, are work-ready, and that only 40 percent of business leaders surveyed offer some workforce readiness training to their workers.  This also echoes other research being done around the country on college and work preparedness, the findings of which are consistent—our graduates are not prepared.

Pittman concludes that it is not only the schools that should be held responsible for fixing the “readiness” problem of our youth, it is the entire community.


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