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Hope, Wellbeing and Engagement Data Sheets

August 31, 2011
These data sheets provide a glimpse of the 2011 data from the Gallup Student Poll, focused on the experience of hope, wellbeing and engagement. Experiences of hope, wellbeing and engagement by a student have been linked to student performance and success.

Gallup has harnessed years of research and development, and distilled three key indicators of student success into a single metric. The Gallup Student Poll adds clarity to the discussion around the purpose and utility of non-cognitive measures and their relevance to student success. The poll measures student hope for the future, engagement with school, and wellbeing - factors that have been shown to drive students' grades, achievement scores, retention, and future employment.

Hope - the ideas and energy we have for the future.

Hope drives attendance, credits earned, and GPA of high school students. Hope scores are more robust predictors of college success than are high school GPA, SAT, and ACT scores.

Engagement - the involvement in and enthusiasm for school.

Engagement distinguishes between high-performing and low-performing schools.

Wellbeing - how we think about and experience our lives.

Wellbeing tells us how our students are doing today and predicts their success in the future.