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Recommendations for the Reauthorization of the ESEA

Policy Paper
September 28, 2010
The National Collaboration for Youth brings together over 50 national non‐profit organizations that provide programs, services, technical assistance, training and evaluation to youth in America. Primarily community‐based, the members of NCY have a significant interest in youth development. Through that lens, National Collaboration for Youth examined No Child Left Behind and proposed recommendations for change during the upcoming reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965.

The following guiding principles were used to frame the analysis and recommendations offered:

  • Outcomes: Social, emotional, physical and civic outcomes should be considered along with academic outcomes. While academic outcomes are critical, they are best addressed together with the full complement of interrelated developmental areas.
  • Target population: While efforts should be framed to help all youth, funding should target youth in disadvantaged populations.
  • Delivery systems: While school buildings and personnel are central to education, they can be supported by parents and families, community‐based, faith‐based and other public agency organizations.
  • Coordination: Efforts to support young people must be aligned among multiple departments and sectors.
  • Types of services, supports and opportunities: In addition to basic academic instruction, a range of complementary services and supports should be offered, such as mentoring, service‐learning, physical fitness, and other enrichment programs that build and enhance life skills and applied skills from cradle to career.
  • Funding levels: Funding for the outcomes, populations, delivery systems and services and supports outlined above must be adequate.