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Out-of-School Time Policy Commentary #17: The Common Core Standards: What do they Mean for Out-of-School Time?

Elizabeth Devaney & Nicole Yohalem
July 31, 2012
The expansion of the Common Core State Standards in education opens new doors for out-of-school time (OST) providers to align their work with schools.

The standards are front and center on the national stage as states, districts, schools and teachers prepare for their rollout over the next several years. Many OST programs are trying to figure out what exactly the standards cover, and how to support schools and districts in implementing them.

The timing is right: The Common Core is emerging amid growing calls for expanded learning opportunities and collective action among schools and community partners. This gives the OST field a window to assert itself as a necessary part of children’s development and education. The goal need not be to replicate the core work of schools, but rather to complement, support and expand it.

This brief describes the Common Core, shares examples of OST programs and systems responding, and recommends how the OST field might think about alignment opportunities.