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Selected Research/Archives

Selected Research/Archives

This page offers a collection of formative research from the field for those of you interested in taking a deeper look into the research around positive youth development and the foundation of Ready by 21. This page will be updated with new research and analysis as it becomes available. In addition, this page contains some of the great work of the Forum for Youth Investment and the Ready by 21 National Partnership from the last several years.

Section 1- Field Publications

Are They Really Ready To Work? Employers’ Perspectives on the Basic Knowledge and Applied Skills of New Entrants to the 21st Century U.S. Workforce
2006; Corporate Voices for Working Families 

Given companies’ urgent need to find skilled professionals, Corporate Voices, The Conference Board, The Partnership for 21st Century Skills and the Society for Human Resource Management surveyed more than 400 employers to better understand the readiness of new entrants to the workforce.

Differing Profiles of Developmental Experiences Across Types of Organized Youth Activities
2006; Reed W.. Larson, David M. Hansen and Giovanni Moneta, Developmental Psychology

This study inventoried the types of developmental and negative experiences that youth encounter in different categories of extracurricular and community-based organized activities.

Every Child, Every Promise
2008; America’s Promise Alliance

Nobel prize winning economist James Heckman’s 2006 economic case for investing in children has a simple bottom line:  “Invest early in children — and don’t stop."

Finding Out What Matters for Youth: Testing Key Links in a Community Action Framework for Youth Development
2002; Youth Development Strategies, Inc.

Using data from several longitudinal data sets, researchers Gambone, Klem and Connell use sophisticated statistical techniques to demonstrate that youth development staples can a) be measured and b) make a dramatic difference in the life chances of teens.

The Impact of After-School Programs That Promote Personal and Social Skills
2007; Joseph Durlak and Roger Weissberg, CASEL

This meta-analysis focuses on the impact of after-school programs that attempt to enhance youth’s personal and social skills, identifies the nature and magnitude of the outcomes of such programs, and describes the features that characterize effective programs.  

Youth Readiness for the Future: A Report on Findings from a Representative Gallup Student Poll Sample
2010; Gallup Organization

In 2009-2010, the Gallup Student Poll gave over 700,000 young people across America a voice to convey their daily experiences and aspirations for the future.

Section 2- Ready by 21 and Forum for Youth Investment Archives

Unfinished Business: Further Reflections on a Decade of Promoting Youth Development
2002; International Youth Foundation

This is the paper that got the Forum for Youth Investment started (and thus Ready by 21) when co-founders Karen Pittman and Merita Irby were still part of the International Youth Foundation-US.

Ready by 21: Taking Aim on the Big Picture
2006; Forum for Youth Investment

This guide describes the basic process that can be used by cities, states, funders and programs to coordinate their policies and services to support young people and their families.

Ready for College
2006; Forum for Youth Investment

Efforts to improve college readiness have to address the core issue of academic preparation and high school completion.

Ready for Work
2006; Forum for Youth Investment

In the past, much attention has been paid to the leaks in the “education pipeline”, but now employers, youth and communities are focusing on repairing the “work pipeline” to ensure that young people are ready for work by age 21.