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State Children's Cabinets and Councils Series - Elements of Success: Structural Options

Issue Brief
Elizabeth Gaines, Ian Faigley, Karen Pittman
August 1, 2008
Part of the State Children's Cabinets and Councils Series, this issue brief reviews the range of existing state children's cabinet and council structures and offers tips for getting the most effective structure in place.

Children's cabinets and councils have the potential to systematically coordinate the fragmented funding and services that often occur at the state level. Children's cabinets are typically made up of heads of government agencies with child and youth serving programs, who meet on a regular basis with the collective goal of coordinating services, developing a common set of outcomes and collaboratively deciding upon and implementing plans to foster the well-being of young people.

Interviews were conducted in 2007 with a variety of children's cabinets staff that  provided the information that is found in this issue brief. It outlines the range of children's cabinet and council structures and offers tips, options for recommendations for putting together the most effective structure.