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Connecting the Dots: Data Sharing in States and Communities to Better Connect Youth Services Webinar Recording

April 25, 2012
Many leaders and educators are adopting strategies to expand the learning day, develop deep partnerships in the community and provide a range of supportive out-of-school time programs. The success of these initiatives hinges not on any single investment or organization, but on their collective impact on the student. The student, rather than the school, is increasingly at the center of how communities think about and measure their results.

This growing network of providers creates a greater incentive for the families, city agencies, nonprofits and neighborhood-based organizations to collaborate. It also multiplies the management challenge. Without effective systems to coordinate these services and measure their impact, these provider networks are subject to the same service gaps and duplications of effort that afflict all large systems of care. In this webinar our speakers focused on efforts to align community and state data, and about tools to improve effectiveness.

Featured speakers include Chris Kingsley, National League of Cities; Barb Farho, Office of the Mayor, Omaha, Neb.; Megan Addison, Collective for Youth, Omaha, Neb.; and Elizabeth Gaines, the Forum for Youth Investment

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