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Youth Ready by 21: A Five-Year Action Agenda for Maryland

Action Plan
October 15, 2007
The Maryland Action Agenda is comprehensive in scope and built on a holistic assessment regarding the needs of Maryland’s young adults. In developing this agenda, the touchstone has been to focus on a big picture result for all of Maryland’s youth – that they are ready for college, work and life by age 21.

In Maryland, there are many agencies, organizations, task forces and coalitions focused on various pieces of the puzzle needed to ensure that all youth are ready for adulthood. While aiming for similar ultimate goals, these groups are often working in parallel and occasionally at cross purposes due to funding streams and grant restrictions. Borrowing from the Forum for Youth Investment’s Ready by 21 framework, the Maryland Children’s Cabinet asked that the various stakeholders be brought together to work on the overarching result that “All of Maryland’s 309,000 youth age 18-21 are Ready for College, Work and Life.”